xbox one cooling

After running my xbox one in the bench/storage at the front of our home theater for a couple months, it became clear I had a heat issue. After playing games for an extended period of time the controllers would lose connection. Propping the lid open seemed to resolve the problem. However, that isn’t a techie enough solution for me.

Today I installed this temperature controlled fan from AC Infinity. It was an easy install! Now I just need to play some COD to see how well it cools things off.

Home Theater Complete! (for now)

Basement before theater
Basement before theater
Theater Profile:
Receiver – Denon 4310CI
Fronts: Polk RTi A7
Center: Polk CSi A6
Rear: Boston Acoustics
Sub: Polk DSW Pro 550 wiControl:
iRule – iPad & iPhone remote control
Global Cache – GC-100-12 Ethernet to IR control
VeraLite – Z-Wave lighting ControlMedia Players:
Apple TV
Sony Bluray player


The finished product:

iRule interface
iRule interface

Photo Jan 16, 6 53 19 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 53 05 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 52 41 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 52 17 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 51 32 PM


Photo Jan 16, 6 50 05 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 50 24 PM Photo Jan 16, 6 50 59 PM