Power Pack is now listed on the Depot!

Cisco Spark is an extremely powerful collaboration platform. Spark provides three core services, Messaging, Meeting, and Call. In addition to this, it has a full set of developer APIs that enable anyone to build Spark into their own business work flows or simply enhance the Spark capabilities based on their unique use cases.

Last year our team held a hackathon to promote these API capabilities. Ang Tan, Jim Matthews, and I came up with the concept of the Power Pack. Little did we know it would turn into such a useful tool not only inside Cisco but also for any Spark user and organization.

On November 2nd the Spark Depot was announced. The depot provides a catalogue Spark integrations and Spark bots that you can begin using today. We are very excited to announce that the Power Pack is now listed on the Spark Depot!

Head over to the Depot and take a look at Power Pack along with all the other useful tools being built for Spark!

– Brad