Is it just me


As many of you know, I have been spending a lot of time coding lately. Most of my time has been spent on projects relating to Cisco Finesse and Cisco Spark. In addition to these projects I am working on a pretty cool application for my dad’s automotive shop. More to come on that soon.

I have started to notice an odd pattern. I used to be of the mindset that I needed to have large chunks of time free to work on these projects. I didn’t want to lose my train of thought or forget where I was in the code. I am beginning to think this is false. When I give myself large chunks of time to accomplish a number of programming goals, I feel like I get stuck on one thing and blow hours trying to figure out what the heck I did wrong. Recently I started biting off small goals that take 30 minutes or less. Once I am done I get up and go do something else. When I come back, I tackle another 30 minute task. If I get stuck, instead of spinning my wheels for hours, I go do something else for a bit.

Ever since I started doing this, I have accomplished a lot more and am a lot less frustrated! I still consider myself to be a newbie when it comes to coding, so I will keep tabs on this theory.

Any other coders out there have the same experience?

My latest note to self: If your MongoDB updates aren’t working properly even though the syntax works fine in the mongo CLI, check to make sure all the fields are defined in the schema. (this was an example where I had to get up and go do something else for a bit!)

Ok, distraction time over, back to coding!