Home Theater Fun!

We have taken the plunge into the world of home theaters! I built a bench / storage / center channel cubby today. This will be the new home for a Polk Audio CSiA6 that should arrive on Tuesday. I need some input from all my audiophile friends out there on new front speakers and eventually side and rear surround speakers.

My weekend project!

Here is what I am working with:
Receiver: Denon AVR-4310CI 130 Watts RMS per channel in 7.1
Current fronts: Cerwin Vega RE 30. I have been rocking these since high school! They are massive and need to go 🙂
Current Rears: Boston Acoustics CR65: I have had these for about 12 years.
Sub: Klipsch Sub 10: bought this used about 4 years ago. Seems to work ok.

I don’t want to break the bank and replace all the speakers at once. I think the best place to start is the fronts. Since I have the room, I was looking at these Polk Audio floor standing: RTiA7 The reviews seem solid. I am open to other brand speakers. Polk seemed to be rated at the top for their center channel so that is why I went with that.

Any feedback would be great.