Facebook Enabled Contact Center

Facebook enable your Cisco Contact Center


I spend a lot of time demonstrating Cisco Contact Center products to customers. Our Contact Center Express product has native support for voice, chat, and email queuing. Customers often ask about routing other media types to such as SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other popular messaging platforms. I decided to see if I could build a connector that routes Facebook Messenger messages into UCCX as web chat.

After spending some time understanding how the web chat widget initiated, maintained, and ended sessions, I started building my connector. The result is a simple web application written in JavaScript. This application could easily be modified to handle other consumer messaging platforms.

Here is a quick demo of the connector.

If you are interested in setting this up. I posted all of the code on GitHub. As with any of the code that I post, it is not officially supported by Cisco TAC. I am happy to help on a best effort basis, but I do have a day job!

I look forward to seeing how partners and customers use this connector to enhance customer service!

– Brad